Golaith - The Bounty Hunter (Sketch Fab)

Goliath-The Bounty Hunter by VroomTrozan on Sketchfab

The Bounty Hunter - Goliath!!

 Concept was something that got me excited. I started from Highpoly in Zbrush, then retopology in Topogun. unwraping and Final tweakings were completed in Maya. Final render in Substance painter.          8445 Faces Maps used are Diffuse Normal,AO, World Space Normal, Position,Curvature, Thickness. Some of them are following. Orignal Concept


At last its over!! My 1st concept character, it was a little strange experience each time I thought I was done with sculpt I found a new area demanding  improvement. I finds sculpting hairs very interesting, although m not very good but I guess my  love for hair will help me :D . I was really scared while poly painting it but I am quite satisfied with texture part. N yes special thanx to my teacher Mr. John Leihao, he is truly  gods blessing on me This is my first concept character  lead. He is a great thinker, strong strategist, hypnotism expert, telepath, a  scientist. When I was drawing i was thinking about a guy who is a  leader, so named him Lead.  The interesting thing about  him is his heart that pumps additional blood through pipe  to his brain.

Car Modeling

Car modeling for Few product renders
Architectural Rendering for a client.

Basketball Player

Basketball Player done for a MSBN sports, Whole character was sculpted in Zbrush